Horoscope – Eight Points to Consider Before Making Up Your Mind

Those who don’t really believe in astrology often claim that because horoscope readings are so general, they could virtually apply to anyone. They also argue that most people will only see what they want to see, while ignoring what they don’t want to see, and this in turn leads to them thinking the horoscope reading is accurate. Much of the skepticism could however be eliminated if skeptics were to get a real horoscope reading done by a competent astrologer horoscope that takes an individual’s time and place of birth into consideration as well. In this article, we’ll go ahead and take a look at just easy it is for a skeptic to remain a skeptic if they base their conclusion on readings other than a real horoscope reading. Even though astrology will always have its skeptics, one should take the following eight points into consideration before making up one’s mind:

1. Astronomy more than likely comes from astrology. Casting a real horoscope doesn’t involve magic, but instead, done according to precise astronomical and mathematical principles.

2. Astrology has fascinated many of history’s greatest scientists such as Copernicus, Tyco Brahe, Karl Jung, Kepler, and Huxley.

3. Contrary to what some may believe, astrologers do not necessarily believe in fate. Instead, they the stars and planets impel rather than compel.

4. There are more than 10,000 practicing paid astrologers and millions of horoscope followers. There are also thousands of books on the subject, and believe it or not, but only 10% of the American public believe there can’t be anything to it.

5. Most astrologers believe there’s a natural synchronicity between the stars and events. Some countries place an even greater value in it.

6. It is an undisputed scientific fact that the planets have a measurable magnetic, gravitational and electromagnetic influence on the earth. Most people agree that bizarre behavior tends to peak on full moons.

7. Astrology is not limited to natal chart or horoscope. There is also electional, horary, mundane, medical, meteorological, Chinese 12 year and millennial.

8. Most people see several accurate hits when viewing their own charts, especially if they got their natal chart done professionally.

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